Oakland Active Orchestra #12: Flokterkit

Flockterkit, a suite of music composed by Aram Shelton that includes post-ayler melodies, chamber-like sections that are developed through compositional rearrangement, drones and slowly shifting chords, and full harmony orchestrated by the 14 members of the OAO.

  • Marielle Jakobsons: violin
  • Hillary Overberg: violin
  • Emily Packard: viola / violin
  • Aram Shelton: alto saxophone
  • Aaron Bennett: tenor saxophone
  • Cory Wright: baritone sax / flute
  • Tom Djll: trumpet
  • Rob Ewing: trombone
  • Kristian Aspelin: guitar
  • Lisa Mezzacappa: bass
  • Kjell Nordeson: vibraphone
  • Jordan Glenn: percussion
  • Sam Ospovat: percussion