Metronome++ for Android

Metronome++ screenshot

Written by a musician for other musicians, Metronome++ is a metronome + drum machine + music dictionary. Both the click sound and the click display are solidly locked in at tempos as high as 500 BPM. Relieve the monotony of one lifeless click sound and mix your own practice groove using independently controllable downbeat, beat, and sub-division sounds selected from 26 drum kit and Latin percussion samples. Tap, finger-snap, or lookup tempo. Adjust meter, subdivision, and swing factor. Lookup French, German, and Italian terms. Save metronome settings as songs and organize them into set lists for repeat use.

Personal Tempo Database

Do you:

  • Have a practice routine with set tempos that you bump up a click every day/week/month? Maybe more than one?
  • Need to record rehearsal tempos for many songs so that you can practice them later?
  • Lead a group and have to manage set lists for different engagements and types of engagements?
  • Teach and have standard sets of routines for each class?

Metronome++ allows you to save the metronome setting as a 'song' and manage songs as components of 'set lists'. Saving a song is a quick 3 click process designed for reliable use even in the most chaotic rehearsal situation. If you have time when you create a song, you can enter a name. Otherwise, its name will be a timestamp that should help you identify what you were working on at the time. Finding and loading a song is just as easy. Once you have created some songs in some set lists, you can browse your database to select a song to load into the metronome, reorder songs in a set list, change text fields like the name of the song, do deletions, and do additions. In addition, both songs and set lists can be cloned .

In many use cases, like those above, the next set list you want to create is similar to one you already have: just a few additions and deletions are required. When you clone a set list, you create a copy of the original set list. If "Purple Haze" is in the original, a replica will be in the clone. This allows you to change the tempo in one set list's copy without affecting the copy in the other. When you clone a song, you can select a different set list for the song. Cloning a set list, then updating its contents by using song cloning to make additions, minimizes dreadead phone text entry for use cases like the evolution of an actively gigging band's set lists and generating practice routines for each day of the week. If all the songs already exist in some set list, no additional text entry is required to clone a set list and add/delete songs.

26 sounds — pick 3.

As a drum machine, Metronome++ allows you to select different sounds for downbeats, normal beats, and eighth-notes, and adjust their levels independently. You can set up some very compelling practice grooves using the independent level controls in combination with different swing factors. For instance, you can use the level control to turn off the downbeat sound completely. Then try different swing factors. Metalheads can program some crazy blast beats using the kick and snare sounds, and jazzers can swing along with kick and hi hat sounds.

Music dictionary

Metronome++ dictionary screenshot

The dictionary knows many commonly encountered Italian, German, and French musical terms. When you look up a term, and the definition specifies a BPM or range, when you return to the metronome, you will discover it set to that BPM or the midpoint of the range. It also knows many related expression and technique terms you may see on your parts.Set list browser screenshot


  • consistent, steady, accurate timekeeping from 30-500 BPM
  • tap to set tempo
  • snap to set tempo (uses accelerometer)
  • use seekbar for large instantaneous changes in tempo
  • use buttons to dial in a precise BPM
  • mute function
  • selectable beats per measure from 1 to 13
  • selectable swing factor for eighth notes
  • 44KHz/16 bit samples
  • 3 cajon sounds
  • 3 conga sounds
  • 1 drum kit kick drum sound
  • 2 drum kit snare sounds
  • 4 drum kit hi-hat sounds
  • 5 cowbell sounds
  • 3 guiro sounds
  • 3 shaker sounds
  • 1 castanet sound
  • 1 clave sound
  • independently selectable downbeat, beat, and eighth-note sounds and levels
  • integrated dictionary does not require internet connectivity
  • knows many commonly encountered Italian, German, and French musical terms
  • sets metronome if a term refers to a metronome marking
  • lookup autocomplete to minimize typing

Selectable color scheme and button layout

Both the color scheme, and the button layout of the metronome are user selectable. The version 2 default layout places the most commonly used buttons (i.e. on/off and mute) on the top, and least frequently used buttons on the bottom, leaving one hand free to turn pages, or hold a baton, or whatever. The original layout inverts this layout and puts the meter, sounds, and rhythm buttons on top. This arrangement is very convenient when you are developing practice grooves by tweaking sounds and rhythms.

New colors and layouts

Metronome++ colors and layouts


The Android system attempts to maximize battery life by shutting down apps that the user hasn't interacted with for awhile. This is a good thing, except when the metronome is running unattended while you are busy playing your instrument. Metronome++ grabs a 'wakelock' when it starts keeping time, and releases it when it stops so it won't be killed in the middle of your song..


You can easily find Metronome++ on the Market by searching for it by name.

New in version 2.0

  • Choice of colors
  • Choice of button layout
  • User presets - songs and setlists
  • Wakelock
  • Online FAQ
  • Email developer link